Prime-AL Talent Management

Welcome to Prime-AL Talent Management, your gateway to unleashing Albanian talent in the digital world. Founded by Aldora Lekgegaj, we are a London-based talent management agency specialising in talent representation, content strategy, and contract negotiations. Aldora Lekgegaj brings extensive contract law knowledge to the table. With a strong academic background, she studied contract law extensively during her undergraduate studies. Additionally, she actively participated in her university's pro bono clinic, researching contractual disputes and providing advice to clients under the supervision of experienced lawyers. This practical experience equipped her with invaluable insights into contractual matters. Furthermore, Aldora Lekgegaj recently completed a role in compliance at a consultancy firm, working closely with financial services clients. This experience enhanced her understanding of regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements, ensuring that legal and regulatory considerations are diligently addressed in our talent management operations. At Prime-AL Talent Management, we combine legal expertise with industry knowledge to provide comprehensive services. We offer talent representation, guiding our clients towards their goals and advocating for their best interests. Our content strategy services focus on maximising the impact of our clients' digital presence. And in contract negotiations, we leverage our contract law insights to secure favourable outcomes. Join us at Prime-AL Talent Management as we create opportunities for Albanian talent to thrive in the digital sphere.