Agency Three Two

Agency 3-2 was founded in November 2020 by Taylor Burner, a seasoned marketing professional and former professional basketball player. Since 2015, Taylor has worked in the sports and entertainment space, leading Nike business for major agencies, building her network, and eventually, launching Agency 3-2. From brand marketing, to management, to event production, fashion, art, sports, music, and everything in between, Agency 3-2 has their finger on the pulse, allowing the agency to build meaningful relationships across the industry.
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With the mission of advancing women in sports business through thoughtful execution and storytelling, while also showing athletes that there are options to work in sports once the ball stops bouncing, Taylor and the team at Agency 3-2 have proven to be passionate partners in the space.

Taylor has always prided herself on being a versatile professional with the ability to do many things — like a basketball player, a triple threat — and has brought that same mindset to the DNA of Agency 3-2.